Vortex healing is divine energy healing that works through conscious intention for physical, energetic, and karmic conditioning.

The healing happens by bringing awareness and freedom to places where the human energy system gets stuck in separateness.

The results can be deeply nourishing, grounding, and liberating as each person opens more deeply into their own inner freedom.

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Viveka Om indulged his life-long curiosity by independently investigating computer science, mathematics, and anatomy and physiology as a young person. His interests lead him to an internship with NIH conducting clinical research in the department of Neurological Disorders and Strokes. Clinical depression, insomnia, and anxiety made academic endeavors challenging, but studying mythology, metaphysics, and social and political philosophy proved both stimulating and personally fulfilling. Through necessity, in 2000, he began practicing and studying yoga and various meditation techniques. After completing five teacher training programs, and teaching yoga and meditation in a variety of venues and populations he is enthusiastic about sharing the benefits of steady practice. Since 2015 he has been offering intuitive healing sessions as a result of transmissions he received through the Vortex healing lineage.