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GRAVITY & GRACE: the Power of Surrender and Intuitive Response with Peter Sterios and live music with Masood Ali Khan

GRAVITY & GRACE: the Power of Surrender and Intuitive Response

with Peter Sterios and live music with Masood Ali Khan


Date: TUESDAY, SEP 29, 2015

Location: Syracuse NY



Come join Peter & Masood for an unique experience of gravity-assisted yoga accompanied by live, mystical music, followed by an intimate performance of music and kirtan.


The workshop will begin with a short introductory discussion, followed by a three-part practice led with light-handed guidance, that takes you through a process of discovery to where sub-conscious tension is held in the body. Using unique cues, through a variety of basic yoga poses and breathing exercises, learn how to see this resistance as a gift, for heightening attention where imbalance exists and an opportunity to create power and grace within. Instruction during the Class is appropriate for all levels.


The concert will be a combination of performance and sing along, led by an accomplished recording artist playing the Hang, a unique instrument of mesmerizing rhythms and tone.  Listening and singing is an opportunity to transform, and find states of being that are breath-“giving”, and leaves you in a state of contentment and presence. Any ability of singing is welcome.



Discussion and practice with Peter Sterios, accompanied by live music from Masood Ali Khan


CONCERT AND KIRTAN - 7:30-9:00pm

Concert and Kirtan with Masood Ali Khan


An internationally recognized teacher, writer, and entrepreneur, Peter offers a unique insight into the evolving art of yoga. With articles in Yoga Journal, Yoga Magazine(UK), Elephant Journal, and Huffington Post, Peter splits his time between writing, teaching, and creating videos, like “Gravity & Grace”, voted in the ‘Top 15 yoga DVDs of all time’ by Yoga Journal, and “The LEVITYOGA Show” on He is the Founder of Manduka, a leading eco-yoga products company in Los Angeles; co-Founder of karmaNICA, a charitable organization for school children in Nicaragua; and for three years (2011-13), he taught yoga at the White House for Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiative. Peter’s influence through his teaching, writing and innovative yoga products has been felt worldwide.


                  “Instead of constantly stretching and pushing the body beyond its limitations, Peter’s approach to yoga encourages the body back to its             natural rhythms. It’s about allowing gravity to align with the body’s more natural wisdom.”

                                    - Stephan Rechtschaffen, founder of the Omega Institute


Masood Ali Khan, percussionist, composer, producer has a unique musical sound that inspires a meditative experience with his mesmerizing combination of the 'Hang' drum and sacred mantras. Born in London, UK from a Muslim heritage, Masood musically explores a merging of cultures and styles as way to help heal humanity. Releasing 3 acclaimed music albums: The Yoga Sessions: Masood Ali Khan , 'The Yoga Sessions : Hang with Angels' and in 2013 'Mantra Grooves'. He has also collaborated on albums for DJ Drez, Earthrise Sound System, Steve Gold, Marc Brydon (Moloko, Sasha Lazard, and Sheela Bringi. Masood has also recorded numerous soundtracks for Yoga DVD's and movies, while performing live for many leading yoga teachers and festivals around the world.


            "Listen And Ascend"

                                    - Jai Uttal, recording artist / music producer

Later Event: October 9
Kirtan with Saraswati