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Winter Solstice Ceremony & Celebration with Saraswati Om & Zela Rodriguez

Winter Solstice Ceremony & Celebration

Sound Alchemy with Saraswati Om – Opening 7th Chakra and Beyond

Silent Meditation with Zela Rodriguez – Illuminate Christ Energy

Welcome Everyone!

Join us in this opportunity to gather with two advanced practitioners!

Your participation in the practice of a silent meditation, invoking Christ consciousness, will support spiritual relaxation, potential growth and understanding– while experiencing deep sound healing with Crystal Singing Bowls.

The unique and multi-layered sounds of the “Crystal Singing Bowls” can bring clarity of mind and enhance intuition, as well as taking us into a deep peaceful meditative state. The nervous system relaxes and pain and stress can reduce.

Saraswati and Zela will channel guided frequencies throughout, to support and create the conditions towardsharmonious alignment in the subtle energy bodies and within chakra centers.

Unconditional love will channel to support the integration of your experience.

$10 Pre-register

$15 at Door