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Private Energetic Therapy Sessions with with Zela Rodriguez

Zela Rodriguez, an Advanced Energetic Therapist from NYC, returns to Dharma Yoga Syracuse during Winter Solstice Weekend Celebration!

Private Energetic Therapy Sessions are available with Zela Rodriguez
on Saturday, December 19th and Sunday, December 20th

Schedule by email or by phone 212.330.8126.

75-90 minute session includes Intuitive and Spiritual Counseling.


It is an ancient laying-on of hands technique that creates the conditions for self-healing. Energetic therapy addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. This healing art is an effective delivery system. Energies flow out of the practitioner's body through the palms of the hands while touching (or hovering above) the recipient's body.

Zela works with all ages from pregnant moms, newborns, infants, and children to teenagers and adults.


Zela Rodriguez, HHC, CCA, CCI, CPC is an inspirational and transformational speaker, spiritual advisor, energetic therapist, and metaphysical educator for over 17 years. She has taught and mentored thousands of people on 3 continents. She is passionate about helping everyone to wake up to their passion and purpose so that their life becomes a full expression of their greatest potential

Zela is Board-Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Clinical Aromatherapist, Spiritual and Counseling Intuitive, and Transformational Life Coach. Through dedication and authenticity, Zela helps so many people go beyond their limited perspective of themselves and reconnect to the love, joy, and peace of their true selves