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Temple of Sound Chakra Purification Workshop with Bhagavan Das

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Temple of Sound Nada Yoga Chakra Purification Intensive

The Nada Yoga Temple of Sound Workshop is a profoundly transformative & deeply inspiring workshop based on the purification & refinement of the chakras (or energy centers of the body), & the elements that relate to them through the vehicle of sound.  Based on an ancient tantric practice called Bhuta Shuddi, this workshop is intended to heal the body & awaken the Kundalini Shakti in the Sacred Body Temple.  Bij or seed mantras are used as well as other specific devotional chants to the deities ruling the domain of each corresponding chakra.  Guided visualization meditations are also used in correlation with these bij mantras & chants to enliven & clarify the specific energies that employ the workings of each chakra.


Pre 11/21/14 - $50.00

After 11/21/14 - $55.00

Earlier Event: December 6
Kirtan with Bhagavan Das