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Spiritual Initiation for Healers

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Your means of service in your life is being awakened, strengthened, and blessed; and you are being challenged to accept this spiritual initiation because you are an earth pioneer with important work to do. 

Initiation is part of a sacred ritual for those entering and important spiritual passage. And because a spiritual passage may be upon you, you will need to accept a deeper and more profound insight into the nature of you life. A deeper resolve and greater intuitive appreciation of the life you were meant to live is the result of the period you are presently in. 

Initiation requires you to release preconcieved ideas about the period of training you are entering and to accept the higher good and spiritual guidance that places you under the protection and inspiration of the Universe. 

The guidance suggests that you:

  • are being called to finish up old business, both physical and spiritual, in order to move forward with your life physically and spiritually
  • are being guided to relax and accept the guidance that is coming to you from your Angelic teachers rather than feeling you must do everything for yourself and by yourself.

This gathering on Spiritual Initiation is designed for Healers and Body-workers. Whether beginning in your modality or advanced, our intimate group workshop will include table work, hands on healing, developing and using our intuition, calling in our Master Guides, how to prepare a room and ourselves, discussion and a review of protection and clearing our energy field. 

Registration: $125

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