About me: I am Sharada Pranav from India. Recently moved to Syracuse. Counseling Psychologist by profession I come from a family where yoga is a way of life.I have been practicing yoga for the past four years and in this process, I developed a keen interest in yoga instruction. I completed a one month (300 hours: from 5 am to 8:30pm) residential yoga instructor’s course (YIC) from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthanam (; It is the only Yoga University in India.I am a vegetarian by birth. I enjoy teaching traditional form of Hatha Yoga and I would like to introduce it to the residents of Syracuse.Traditionally yoga is always done either early in the morning (when the sun is rising ) or in the evening (sunset time).But because of our busy life schedule we do it according to our convenience but if possible we can as well do it in the morning….RIGHT!

Why YOGA in the Morning?

The Yogis suggest that the best time to practice yoga is early morning when your mind is still and quite. Waking up early to a welcoming Yoga session will power-up your body—head to toe—for the day’s busy schedule!

You will walk confidently, breathe calmly, feel happier and healthier, tone your muscles, increase your physical and mental flexibility…and make you more aware of your body. When you practice first thing in the morning you are more likely to be disciplined with what you are eating, often choosing healthier snacks because you don’t want to sabotage your efforts of the morning exercise.

Not only will morning Yoga prepare you for your busy life style, but it will also help you deal with other chronic illnesses. BUT don’t do yoga just for weight reduction—fitness is but incidental as Yoga is an exotic journey to realize the potential of the inner self.

Join me in the journey of doing yoga in traditional way… it will leave you with only happy memories.

Your body will feel wonderful and energized!