I took my first yoga class as last resort when a favorite fitness teacher had left the area.

To be honest – I didn’t like it. Still, I continued taking class and began to notice a shift and so did my family and friends. I soon fell “in love” with yoga. It wasn’t until later that I realized I wasn’t falling “in love” with yoga, I fell “in love” with myself and the connection to Self.

In 2008, I spontaneously decided to take the 200hr ryt Yoga Alliance training with Judiann Cesta at East Street Yoga. Judiann told me it was my passion for yoga that allowed her to waive the minimum one year of practice to be accepted into the program.

At about the same time Bonita Shear introduced to me Young Living Therapeutic Essential Oils and was a guest to harvest lavender and help with distilling at Young Living’s Lavender Farm in St. Maries, Idaho. Incorporating the oils into my life medicinally, it was just a natural progression to integrate them into my yoga practice. At the time, there were no reference material or books so I relied on my training and research. After my 200 hour certification, I began teaching oils and yoga workshops. Late 2009, Rodney and Colleen Saidman Yee taught at the Y.L. convention about integrating oils and yoga. Meeting Rodney at the conference helped to validate my path to begin to write my book “Essence Yoga – Integrating Essential Oils and Yoga.”

I began taking classes from all different teachers, conferences and workshops from Omega, Kripalu and NYC searching for a way to deepen and grow my practice. It wasn’t until I began going to Dharma Yoga Syracuse (CNY Yoga) with Saraswati (Lorie) that I felt… home.  It was a Dharma II class (and it kicked my butt!!)  But more importantly I felt that Saraswati was the “real deal” and that this was a true spiritual community. Traveling from Skaneateles, 3 to 4 times a week was such a gift to have this so close to home. Saraswati and her devotion to Sri Dharma made me fall in love even before I had met him. It took over a year to finally be able to go to NYC to meet and experience Sri Dharma’s Holy Satsang Labor Day 2011. Before this event began, I almost ran straight into Sri Dharma. Frozen like a deer in headlights, I looked back at Saraswati who knew how much this meant to me, and I saw pure love. My teacher, her teacher and me. This lasted just seconds but it changed my life like an electrical charge. Home.

In June of 2013, I completed my 500hr ryt “Life of a Yogi” teacher training with Sri Dharma. I continue to teach yoga and essential oils at Mirbeau Inn and Spa for the past 5 years. (As well as a new Dharma II /III class to the schedule.) and Gazella Fitness Studio.

Michele has a BFA in Fine Arts and worked in Boston as a graphic designer for over 11 years.

She has had her own Design studio for over 18 years, while raising two beautiful children.