Julie Daniel has been a practicing speech and language pathologist with young children for 27 years. Born and educated in North Carolina, she moved to Central New York in 1986 where she continued her professional career with children with special needs at the Main St. Early Education Program in the N. Syracuse School District. She also works with children with communication disorders through the Special Children’s Services of the Onondaga County Health Department.

Julie had been practicing yoga off and on since graduating from college in the 70′s. That practice became more focused and disciplined in the last 6 years when she started studying with Lorie Bebber. During that time she began using yoga with her special needs children and noted their improved motor planning skills, attention span and ability to focus. Most importantly however, she noted how much they loved doing yoga! These observations led Julie to research programs for teaching yoga to children. It was in that search that she discovered YogaKids, an international certification program for teaching children. Julie completed the training during 2005-06 and is now a Certified YogaKids Facilitator (CYKF) and YogaKids Trainer (YKT).

Julie wishes to thank her professional colleagues, Mary Vaughn and Renee McCall who have offered encouragement and support in pursuing her dream of teaching yoga to children. She thanks Lorie Bebber and Lisa Kiefer for their model of teaching from the heart and for being open to bringing yoga for children to their center. She thanks Jackie Clarke for her constant inspiration and finally, she wishes to thank her husband Kevin for always being beside her…… “on the mat” and in spirit as he offers constant encouragement in her pursuit of bringing this gift to our youngest “yogis”.