Driven by her belief in healing through nutrition and self-care, and her passion for women’s health in particular, she enrolled in Nicole Jardim's Women’s Health Apprenticeship for Hormonal Healing this year. She is making it her mission to guide women to a life they love while feeling free, confident and in-tune with their bodies.

Guided on her own path of self-discovery and healing by her teacher Saraswati OM she discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and completed her certification to become a Holistic Health Coach.

She believes that reaching your health goals can be fun, filled with self-care, delicious and easier than you think! Through her support as your own personal cheerleader and accountability coach she can show you that you had the magic it takes for a happy and healthy life in you all along.

Working with Jessica, you will develop a deeper understanding of choosing foods and embracing lifestyle choices that work best for YOU, improving your energy, balance, health, AND happiness. 

Jessica currently offers 1x1 Private Coaching Sessions, Group Coaching/Meetings and Workshops at the Blooming Lotus Wellness Center.




Born and raised in a small village in Germany, Jessica grew up experiencing the European beliefs of healing through connection with nature, wholesome fresh foods and the importance of taking care of your mental self as well. 

In her early twenties, after moving in the US a few years prior,  she found herself stressed in her job, struggling with anxiety, insomnia and a poor diet leading to hormonal imbalances and digestive issues. When she discovered Dharma Yoga Syracuse she knew something would change for her. She took her first yoga class at the center and realized that this was not just what she needed to support her work-life balance, but also that she found a community that aligned with the health, well-being and overall wellness beliefs that she experienced growing up overseas. 

She is grateful for all the support and guidance from the teachers at Dharma Yoga Syracuse, her family and partner who shares her passion for Yoga and Wellness.

Later, this year she will be completing the Life of a Yogi Teacher Training here at Dharma Yoga Syracuse to support not only her own but also her clients healing journey.