Q: What should I wear in class?

A: Wear comfortable exercise clothing and bare feet. If you wear shorts, pick ones that  are long enough so as to not be revealing in yoga postures. We have spaces to change into yoga clothing.

Q: Can I eat right before class?

A: Try to refrain from eating a meal at least two hours before class. It is best to have an empty stomach during yoga practice.

Q: Is yoga a religion?

A: No. Yoga is a life science. It does have similarities in its philosophy to many of the world’s great religions and was influenced by those as it developed. If you do practice a religion, yoga can help deepen your experience of it.


Q: How often should I do yoga?

A: Regular study and practice of yoga is most beneficial. We recommend daily practice of yoga and meditation.

Q: What if I'm not flexible at all?

A: That’s fine! We all begin where we are. Flexibility of body and mind will come with time and practice. It will happen sooner than you expect.

Q: Will yoga help me lose weight?

A: Regular yoga practice can aid in weight loss. It creates more muscle, which increases metabolism. It also helps you become more in tune with your body and its needs, so you begin to know what foods and how much of them are good for you. The Conscious Eating Workshop offered here is also helpful for learning to eat with awareness and gratitude.

Q : Where can I read more?

A: We regularly recommend books in our classes and workshops. You can browse in the Bookshop before and after class and notice what sparks your interest. You may be intuitively led to just what you need right now.