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It's that time: back to yoga school! As our days are getting shorter and summer is winding down, it's a perfect time to get serious about your practice!

We're adding some special classes to our schedule starting the week of September 15th to assist you in this endeavor.

Look for:

  • Hot vinyasa classes
  • Classical yoga
  • Aroma Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra with Alchemy singing bowls.

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Our challenge begins September 15th. Can you commit to 30 days of yoga practice? You can register for the challenge at no cost. Register at the front desk. We will have giveaways for our members who participate in the challenge.

This Fall we will break through the walls to connect our beautiful spaces as one. We will keep you posted!

Sri Dharma Mittra will be joining us the weekend of October 11-12th. This weekend immersion with the master is an all levels program and open to anyone. So come join the fun.  There is always plenty of laughs and so many gems of yoga gifted to us from the master.

Be Well & Happy

Got Mindfulness?

by Roberta Schnorr

Mindfulness means to be here, now, present in our real life with whatever is presenting in this moment. Mindfulness is grounded in awareness; in "being," rather than "doing."

Our human nature seems to be anything but mindful. We are constantly distracted by "input" from sources outside of ourselves (e.g., activities, people, technology). We experience a continuous flow of thoughts, either about past experiences or nagging concerns about the future.

With experience, we can develop our capacity to harness our minds. First we must learn to stop, to take pause from our busy-ness. A personal daily meditation practice can significantly strengthen our foundation for mindfulness. Even 10 minutes of meditation each morning can improve our ability to notice more of our experience throughout our day, to calm down, to respond thoughtfully to challenges, rather than react.

Support for your mindfulness:

  • Yoga classes!
  • Meditation every Thursday evening (7-8:30) sponsored by Apple Blossom Sangha. This time includes listening to chants and teachings, walking and sitting meditation and sharing tea. (No yoga membership needed for this Thursday evening group-free and open to all!)

be well,



Saraswati's Cinnamon Cashew Mylk

  • 1 cup Raw Cashews
  • 4 cups Water
  • 2 tsp Vanilla
  • 2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup or 3 Medjool Dates
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon
  • Pinch of celtic salt
  1. Soak the cashews for 4 hrs then rinse and drain. 
  2. Place cashews and 4 cups of water in blender and blend till no cashew pieces are left. (If you have a Vita Mix this will be quick; a regular blender will take longer)
  3. Add the sweetener, vanilla and salt and blend. 
  4. Store in mason Jars in fridge. Or froth for a warming bedtime drink.


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12th: Sound Healing with Paradiso & Rasamayi

13th: Aum Tune Up with Rasamayi

13th: doTerra Workshop with Paradiso & Rasamayi


September / October

9/26-28th; 10/3-5th; 10/10-12thLife Of A Yogi 200-Hour Dharma Yoga Teacher Training with Saraswati Om
More information below 



10/11-12th: Sri Dharma Mittra Weekend Immersion

25th: Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop with Sharada (see flyer)

Life of a Yogi: Teacher Training

Full application information can be viewed here.

The Dharma Yoga 200-Hour LOAY TT is an exploration of Yoga, with an emphasis placed on mastering both physically & through teaching the Dharma I & Dharma Gentle classes.  Also covered at the 200-Hour level are physical anatomy, psychic anatomy, Pranayama, Deep Relaxation method & philosophy discourses.

Staff:  Sri Dharma Mittra, Saraswati Om, & more

Three weekends: 9/26, 27, 28; 10/3, 4, 5; 10/10, 11, 12 - includes Sri Dharma Immersion 

Application Fee:  $100

Cost:  $3,500 with Pre-Registration by 9/1/2014; after:  $3,750 


Upon receipt of your completed application, essays & application fee, a member of the DY LOAY TT management team will contact you to arrange a required entrance interview either in person, by phone or SKYPE.  Please note that the final application deadline is 14 days prior to the start date of any offered teacher training.

200-Hour Dharma Yoga "Life of a Yogi" Teacher Training program:  all applicants to these programs will be required to have had at least 50 hours of Dharma Yoga instruction.  To the extent possible, such instruction should consist of attending classes with Sri Dharma Mittra or Saraswati Lorie Om, DY retreats or workshops, or DY Clincs or with DY teachers who have extensive training under him.  Please indicate on your application the name of the teacher & location of any Dharma Yoga instruction you have taken or will take prior to the program.  If necessary, you can satisfy this requirement by independent study using Sri Dharma Mittra's "Maha Sadhana" DVD's, but please provide a brief explanation as to why you are doing so.


Your book lists & homework will be provided once accepted into the program.

Erin Tapia, on her journey to becoming a teacher


Erin teaches pre- and post-natal yoga at Dharma Yoga Syracuse and directs Bella Shakti Yoga. Visit her website here


I have practiced yoga at Dharma Yoga Syracuse for the past eight years and have known for almost as long that I wanted to learn, someday, to teach yoga.  As yoga became a more integral part of my every day life, I began to dig deeper into the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra as presented by Saraswati and the other Dharma Yoga teachers at the center.  I had the opportunity to practice with Sri Dharma first in 2011; I immediately felt so connected to and inspired by the teachings presented. When the opportunity arised to participate in the Life of a Yogi Teacher Training, at Dharma Yoga Syracuse, close to home, where I could still stay with my family throughout the process, I knew it was the time.

The training itself began with a two day intensive with Sri Dharma Mittra, open to the Dharma Yoga Syracuse Sangha and public.  The masterclass wove intense asana practice with Sri Dharma's fundamental teachings: Love all beings and allow your compassion to move beyond your pets; be content that all is as it is meant to be - all conditions are a result of past actions; enjoy but do not be attached to the things you enjoy; lack of knowledge is the reason for all pain and suffering.  The weekend was incredible and uplifting.  Sri Dharma's words and teachings ran through my head as I drove to the Center Monday morning, by the light of the moon for the opening pranayama and meditation of our more intimate Life of a Yogi training.  We began that Monday morning as a group of eight: Erin, Kate, Elizabeth, Amie, Zofia, Ron, Carly, and I together as a class; Saraswati Om led the opening chant with 'Chelle to her right.  A group of yogis who began the training as near strangers with our beloved teachers, are now Dharma family.

The training is not just about teaching yoga poses: it presents a holistic method of living the science of yoga.  The trainees in our group attended for different reasons - some to deepen their own practice, others who knew their dharma is to teach, others were there to augment their knowledge and skills to then apply to their current careers.  Throughout the two weeks, we heard lecture on all facets of the science of Yoga and living the life of a Yogi in Sri Dharma's tradition, practiced asana breakdown and adjusting, sat in meditation, journaled, performed Karma Yoga throughout the center, attended psychic development sessions, studied, practiced, honed our pedagogical skills, and ultimately deepened our connection to Self.

The training experience provided incredible moments of exhilarating high along side moments that pushed me to my absolute limits. I had breakthroughs in my asana practice - I reached farther, held longer, and my eyes were opened to new realms physical practice I never dreamed imaginable.  I experienced energies and sensations in my psychic practices that changed me and changed my understanding of my potential to connect to subtle energy.  During other moments in the practice, after twelve hours of intense work, I truly questioned my ability to even perform the most modified asanas; I reminded myself that all was as it was meant to be and that this was all part of the path. One of the parts of the training that touched me most deeply was the unbridled support, love, and strength provided to the trainees by the rest of the Dharma Yoga Syracuse community: between our trainings yogis offered hugs, big smiles, excitement shared with us, words of support, and enthusiasm. 

This training opened up my eyes to the deep science, patterns and reason within, and perfection of the Dharma Yoga practice.  It seems that whenever I have a moment that I forget one of the cornerstones of the teachings, life gently reminds me to come back to my memories, journals, class, manual, Dharma Yoga Syracuse or New York City, or of course the support of our incredible LOAY Mentors, Saraswati, 'Chelle, and Kate.  The twelve days of training and the ten months of follow-up have fanned the flame of my desire to follow the path of Yoga.  I am sure that it is my Dharma in this life to share the science of Yoga with others.


    Om Shanti and Love,

Erin Tapia