Dear Guest,  

 We have many exciting classes and events coming to the center this Summer. In May we are having the Maha (Great) celebration of my Guru and beloved teacher Sri Dharma Mittra as he turns 75. He has inspired many of the yoga superstars of today, but yet remains humble and a true sincere Yogi under the disguise of an ordinary man. His biggest message is Yama (the ethical rules), compassion being the #1 component.    


Through the science of yoga, your compassion increases. For many that can begin with the asana or physical practices. The physical practices can increase one's ability to be present and to feel. Also, when the body is in good health, we naturally feel better more open and receptive. When we are at peace, we give and radiate peace and happiness. It all is within. Dharma speaks about eating a vegetarian or Vegan diet: our compassion must go beyond our family and pets. 


This June and July, we have many opportunities for those of you wanting to learn about yogic diet through our seasonal 3 week cleanse. We also have Raw for 30 days. These workshops are an opportunity to learn and incorporate better eating habits and cultivate a peaceful relationship to food. They are open to everyone, whatever your health or spiritual goals are. Let us use every waking moment to deepen our compassion for one another. We are always given opportunities.


For those of you wanting to meet Dharma he will be visiting us at Dharma Yoga Syracuse again in October! Stay tuned!

In Love and Compassion,


David Newman (Durga Das) visited Dharma Yoga Syracuse on Saturday, May 17th. We had a wonderful time participating in his Kirtan (call & response chanting) of various songs and mantras. David took requests and showed us some new work of his. Check out his website! He has recently written a book as well, called The Timebound Traveler.