Courtney Kain

"I am just a body through which the intuition has passed."- Sri Dharma Mittra

Offering Intuitive Massage, Crystal Wellness, Sound Wellness, Biomat Sessions, Crystal Gridding, Crystal Tonic Waters and more. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to serve you and share these gifts and knowledge, with Love and in service to the Light.



Wellness Services


Abhyanga with Garshana: $125

  • A traditional full body Ayurvedic treatment to awaken the body and pacify vata.  
  • First the treatment starts with Garshana which is like a "dry brushing" massage done with special gloves and vigorous strokes. This helps to awaken the skin and flush the lymphatic system.
  • Then ending with a full body (hair and head included) warm sesame oil Abhyanga. This treatment is very soothing and relaxing, and is great for vata season and vata dosha.

One Hour Wellness Session: $75

  • Massage, Crystal Wellness, or Sound Wellness
  • Sessions include a consult, the hands on wellness, and a short period for questions

Intuitive Wellness Session: $100

  • Massage, Crystal Wellness, or Sound Wellness
  • Includes a consult and hands on wellness session where I am channeling at a higher frequency to receive messages from Angels, Guides, and other High Vibrational Beings, followed by another consult after where I will share messages from Spirit that came through, and any other information that is for your highest and best and your personal ascension at that time. There will also be time for questions. Every session will be different as we are all unique and evolving every minute.

Pre Natal Massage: $75 (60-75 mins)

  • For Women who are pregnant looking to unwind and relax. Treatment is done using pillows as props for upmost comfort, while Mother lays on each side. Courtney has worked with Mothers throughout their entire pregnancy, and is trained in pregnancy massage and being a birth doula. She has attended births as a massage therapist and a doula.

Biomat Session: $50 (60 minutes) $30 (30 minutes)

  • The Biomat is filled with 30 pounds of Amethyst Crystals, gives off negative ions, and has infrared heat settings for different health concerns.
  • You can use it for relaxation, reducing stress, detoxification, and more.
  • Read more about the Biomat here:


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