Yoga at Your Place Program

Our intention is to make the benefits of yoga accessible to our community. Here is a way to bring qualified teachers to your workplace or organization.


Stress Reduction

Yoga practice has many benefits. Many of our students begin to practice with the goal of reducing stress in mind. Stress has been proven to be a factor in and sometimes major cause of many illnesses and emotional distress. Yoga postures and breathing exercises begins to focus and calm the mind, reducing stress and anxiety.

A focused mind is better able to attend to tasks, open to ideas and creativity, and gains clarity. Yoga practitioners find they become more productive and feel like answers and ideas come to them easily.

With less stress in our bodies our immune systems work properly. Yoga helps us fend off “what’s going around” and keeps us in our natural, healthy state. The yoga postures also can relieve back pain and aches in other parts of the body.

Injury Prevention
Stretching the body is an important factor in reducing repetitive stress injuries, a common occurrence in the workplace today. Other injuries at work can occur from sleep deprivation or a loss of concentration while working. Improved sleep is one of the first things new yogis usually report to us, and with that comes better focus while awake.

The ultimate goal of yoga is happiness, a sense of being present and content, whatever life brings. The practice of yoga leaves us feeling better in our bodies, calmer in our minds, and at peace with the moment. This experience translates off the mat to a happier work life, happier relationships, and lasting peace.

About the Program

We are offering:

  • An 8-week yoga session at your place.
  • 1 hour class, 1x/week
  • Lunch hour, or after work
  • You pick the day and time

(Shorter classes or greater frequency can be arranged – just call us.)

We require:

  • A minimum of 8 participants willing to commit to the full session.
  • Payment prior to the start date. Checks can be made payable to CNY Yoga.
  • We provide a certified yoga instructor with yoga mats at your place.
  • You provide a space for everyone to practice, and a CD player if you have one (music is not necessary for the practice).

Classes will start at a beginner level.

The group can choose to continue sessions and progress as needed.

To get started, get enough interested people, fill out the application, send it in with tuition, and we will call you right away with your teacher’s name and contact information!

Contact Saraswati Om, the studio director