‘Chelle Jozefczyk has been practicing Yoga since 1996 when she was first introduced to it. At that point in her life she was 21 years old, working in finance at the World Trade Center in New York City, & living a life of self-indulgence in the city that never sleeps.

Like many others, ‘Chelle took her very first class at a gym where she was a member. Knowing nothing of Yoga, she was initially drawn to it because she had always been a dancer & was interested in maintaining her flexibility & staying in shape. What she didn’t see coming was the way Yoga would completely transform her.

At first, ‘Chelle found herself more off the mat than on. Life in New York City was exciting & a never-ending party. Yet somehow she kept returning to her mat every so often. She couldn’t deny the way she felt after class. No matter the instructor or style of Yoga, again & again she was returned to a deep inner peace – a state of being that was natural & unclouded.

In 1999, ‘Chelle & her soon-to-be husband moved to Syracuse, NY. Once settled she decided to try belly dance & eventually met & began studying dance & Yoga with Lorie Bebber in 2001. At first she concentrated more on dance & began performing & teaching American Tribal Style Belly Dance under the dance name LeeLu. However, when Lorie & Lisa Sarick opened the CNY Yoga Center, ‘Chelle found herself back on the mat & over time decided to take a Yoga teacher training. Although ‘Chelle has a deep love & respect for dance, she recognized the immense dedication needed to teach Yoga. So after 5 years of tribal belly dance, she decided to stop teaching & performing to fully focus on the Yoga teacher training.

In 2006, ‘Chelle received her 200-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher certification & began teaching yoga a few nights a week while working a career in finance. Still attending classes at CNY Yoga, she was introduced to the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra by Lorie & found the spiritual teachings of Yoga to deepen her practice significantly. For her birthday in 2008, ‘Chelle & her husband attended a retreat with Sri Dharma at Kripalu. From their first encounter with him, everything changed. Both began living & breathing Yoga in their everyday lives, not just when they were on their Yoga mats.

Gradually realizing she wanted to pursue Yoga full-time, ‘Chelle began working with the CNY Yoga Center to assist in their expansion to a second location. At the beginning of 2009, ‘Chelle left her professional career & became a full-time Yoga instructor & manager of CNY Yoga Center in Syracuse, NY. Interested in deepening her own practice & further her education, at the end of 2009 she began Sri Dharma Mittra’s Life Of A Yogi 500-hour Teacher Training, which she graduated in June of 2010.

Currently, ‘Chelle teaches Yoga full-time both publicly & privately to all levels of students in the Syracuse area. She leads workshops & retreats; & recognizing she will always be a student, continues to practice daily & study with her teachers & Guru as often as possible.